A Letter to a Country in Crisis

June 28, 2016

Dear United Kingdom, 

I’ve never felt that you’ve been an overwhelmingly ‘united’ place. I sought to escape you ever since I was young and have succeeded in doing so over and over again. I can’t put my finger on what it was that lead to said abandonment. It’s easy to say the weather, the people, the food and all that. But that’s all too easy as far as I’m concerned. 

As for what’s happening now, concerning this desire to be sovereign, independent and free, it’s all very confusing. Real independence, for me at least, exists only in the interior space of what we dare call our soul. Turning within to question what’s good and what’s right, while hopefully taking action to put ourselves on a course that’s in-line with the consequence of such inquisition, is a practice we should all be doing all of the time.  

If I say to you, United Kingdom, that I have lived outside your borders both ideologically and physically, you might consider me a traitor. I, on the other hand, consider myself a human adhering to a cosmic perspective. At least while my atoms are fused in their current state and hold their bonds. 

It’s through that, the intent on perceiving reality and the constant changing nature of the world, that I wish to express my opinion concerning the people that hold a little purple book with your name on. Specifically those that think a referendum, a vote or wanting to be in or out of something is actually an issue, especially given the fleeting nature of their lives, the unimportance of what they do and the insignificance of who they are. 

To let yourself be effected emotionally by political events is to forget what you’re really here for. Which is to shut up, do your job and go about your business as nature intends you to do. And sure, it might not be fair that there’s such a small margin between the decision that backs the concept of ‘for’ or ‘against’, but that’s life and this won’t be the only decision that might or might not go your way.   

So let me propose a better way to handle perceived injustice or victory. Especially in things as trivial as ideological boundaries, kicking a ball around a field and clashes centred on disputes surrounding the ‘correct way of living’. Focus on yourselves. Give yourself to the reality of what we are and what we’re here for. Temporal chemical fusion, gifted with the ability to love, to listen, to empathise and offer kindness.  

Your brother is your brother no matter where they happened to fall out of a womb. And everyone is lucky given the miracle that made the Earth.  

So go outside, look at the sky, walk around and appreciate life.  

And forget about the uncertainties of what might or could happen. Because there’s only one thing you should constantly be paying attention to. The undeniable truth that one day you will die. That one day you will lose the capacity to appreciate the simple beauty of everything you have. That one day everyone you know and everyone that knows you will have long disappeared for thousands upon thousands of years. 

The idea of a ‘United Kingdom’? That can never die because it’s never existed.  

But you, the person reading this, you do. 

Make that existence count. 

And not this idea of belonging to anything more…