Creative Inspiration: Frank Yang

November 4, 2015

I’m doing this series because people, as much as I pretend to be a sociopath, really rather turn me on. Based on that, I thought it might prove fruitful to introduce the dry desert plain that is my readership, to the sorts of intriguing people I find doing things that interest me. That way, when and if we should meet, we’ll have something other to talk about rather than our shallow existences on this oxygen tent we call Earth.

First up is the strange phenomenon that is Frank Yang.

Skip to 3:50 for Frank Gold…

So Frank is a YouTuber. Meaning he makes videos and puts them on a site that people look at while emptying their bowels. If you excuse the medium though, you might just find Frank Yang (or Fronk Yong as he sometimes goes), a relatively creative character, someone who you can’t quite decide is a genius or a rambling moron (the best kind of people).

What I enjoy about Frank is that he’s very, very meta. He’s either deeply self-aware that he’s created a persona ripe for trolling or else been swallowed up by this anarchic character and now can’t escape life outside of it. Whichever it is, he’s a pretty fascinating guy who creates visually-appealing videos (going to a lot more effort than your average ShitTuber) that oftentimes have something weird, fun or thoughtful to say.

Frank, at this point in my life, is just what I need. He’s light relief. He’s inspiring. He’s artistic. He’s the only Asian I’ll ever, truly, love.

As far as his main points of focus go; bodybuilding and consciousness, both Frank and I are on similar paths. Frank talks about his inability to fit into the world unless he’s ‘symmetrically perfect’. His quest for ‘aesthetics’ and ‘consciousness’, a real-life embodiment of the Nietzschean ‘Superman’. His desire to shock and push the boundaries, both valuable in a world where people fear more than they ever have before.

He’s also brought art and humour to the world of bodybuilding. Something strange that I’d always stood outside of growing up. Making me realise that wanting to be the ‘tortured artist’, frail in physique and clueless as to the benefits that growing and feeling strong can bring to a man, no longer serve the kind of shell I’d like to house my mental and creative faculties.

A performance artist, Frank films himself having sex in public. An inspiring sage, Frank wanders the streets of Saigon in philosophical-rumination-hysteria. An athlete, Frank is the strongest, sagest, sexiest specimen to ever play the role of Court Jester to the masses.

He also plays the violin better than 99.9% of anyone on Earth.

A lifting inspiration. A stoic inspiration. An artistic inspiration.

Frank controls that within his control and lets go of that which is not. Claims over whether he’s ‘natty’ are not only spoil the fun. Frank is the bridge that splices and mixes elements in a way that no other internet fitness personality, nor video blogger, has successfully managed to do.

Plus, he also loves the BBC.