Why Have An Adventure? Really?

January 9, 2014

Note: I wrote this in the winter of 2011 shortly after leaving my life in London and headed out to travel the world indefinitely. It’s a nice snapshot of how I was feeling at the time. Also interesting to see how my feelings have changed.

Earlier this year I left my job, my life and every single shred of stability I knew.

It seems that risking everything for an adventure is exactly that. A massive fucking risk.

Not a day goes by when I don’t worry about how I’ll survive. Not a day goes by without wondering how I’ll ever keep this all going.

Given those facts it’s understandable that one might ask: why have an adventure? Really?

It’s a question I’m happy to discuss because it’s one I’ve never even really considered. Having this adventure isn’t a matter of choice. I’m having it because I was born. I’m having it because I believe, however naively it might seem, that the world is there to be trodden over, that people are there to be talked to.

We aren’t here to live our lives out in the same town we were born, working the same job for 40-years and reproducing aimlessly to set the circle in motion once again. Those who tell me otherwise are lying to themselves.

Taking those first initial steps, I now have no measure of doubt in my mind that this, whatever it is, is my path. Heaven knows I fought so hard against it thinking I could settle, thinking I’d find a career worth working for, thinking I’d like to have a family and all the rest.

What I’ve learned in the past three months? That it’s not me. That it will never be me. If it ever does become me then I know, somewhere in the back of my mind, that I gave up. That I bottled running with this path and seeing where it would take me.

I’ve come to appreciate that some people can’t function like that. The notion of shelving everything and running away is, for them, exactly that. Running away.

But running away for me is the future. Running away is my passion. Every time I run I learn wonderful things about myself, about the world around me and about what it means to be alive.

I’m able to see destiny. I’m able to see the path. I’m able to see the course my life is running.

You want more adventure.It’s good for you.