Somebody Has Already Always Thought of It

January 13, 2014

Want to start a blog? Somebody already did that.

Want to write an interesting novel? Somebody already wrote one.

Want to go volunteer at an Elephant Sanctuary? Somebody already volunteered.

Want to go ask that girl out? Somebody already did.

Want to hustle for that interesting new opportunity? Somebody already made it happen.

Want to get better at tennis? Somebody already went pro 10 years ago.

Want to start a business? Somebody already had that idea.

Want to read a thousand books? Somebody sat down and did it.

Want to jump to the Earth from space? Somebody already jumped it.

Want to start eating healthier? Somebody is already in shape.

Want to start spending more time with your kids? Somebody is already a better parent.

Want to learn more about coding? Somebody is already building cool things.

Whatever you want to do and haven’t started yet. Somebody has already done it. Whatever you want to write but haven’t written yet. Somebody has already written it. Whatever idea you have but haven’t implemented. Somebody has already thought of it, put it into practice and is making money from it.

Nothing you can ever do is new.

And because of that you’re free to do anything.

So do anything.