Going from Visible to Invisible

March 10, 2014

Agonising over what to write about. That’s when you know you’re in somewhat of a quandary when it comes to branding or positioning. What exactly are you all about?

Making the transition away from travel blogging was always going to happen. Looking back on it, that was just a small part of my life. Small, yet exciting at the time. Not to mention something I was able to glean a lot from. Both philosophical lessons as well as business ones.

As Heraclitus said, “nobody ever steps into the same river twice.” What I take that to mean is that time is only a reflection of who you are in that present moment. Knowing that, it’s okay to change. And despite falling into that age-old psychological trap of loss aversion, you know that you can never truly lose anything that wasn’t yours to begin with.

Dropping any sense of entitlement and starting over? Might just be the healthiest thing I’ve done in my life yet.

What’s interesting to see is how that industry I was once so enthusiastically a part of is like Heraclitus’ river itself. People and their platforms, with their motivations for “free and easier living”, pass in each year. And those whose motivations wane, who heed the call of other interests, and who deviate from the course to tackle more broader themes, pass out.

I remember this myth going around when I first started. It went that only the longest-standing in the game earn the spoils. Perhaps that’s true. Perhaps, as they’ve moved with the times and their passions haven’t ebbed, they get out of it just much as they continue to put in.

But what do you actually get out of doing something for so long? Is it the chance to have your name echo around the same conferences that thrive on each year’s naive new influx? Or perhaps the money and prestige become too scary to ever attempt to pass up?

I’m interested to know what motivations spur these marathoners. Although I have a keen idea. I presume they did what most of us fail to do. They stopped focusing on themselves. They reframed what they do as a battle to serve others.

I suppose that’s the biggest struggle a lot of us face in this modern world of unbridled opportunity. How can we make that shift between wanting it all for ourselves and wanting it more for others?

If there’s any such blueprint online somewhere I’d really like to know.

There’s a blueprint for almost everything else.

Still while I don’t yet feel mature enough to embrace my own life of servitude, I understand that that’s what’s most necessary.

Bob Dylan says it best;

You may be rich or poor, you may be blind or lame,

You may be living in another country under another name

But you’re gonna have to serve somebody

Such astute meditations should always be kept close.

So despite looking at the countless SEO and internet marketing practitioners growing and dying and petering out, there remains that one constant. The state of flux we’re all in. How today’s SEO-guru and master of monthly income reports will soon be yesterdays. Forgotten like the rest of us.

Going from visible to invisible is inescapable. The platforms and prestige we have one day, disappear and vanish the next.

Best remember; there are no threats to business or creativity.

Because there is nothing you can lose that you can ever keep with you.